Arts on the Avenue

Celebrating the visual arts community

Come discover artists across multiple visual art disciplines as they take over Bernard Ave to showcase and sell their work.

“Arts on the Avenue” is a one-day, outdoor event celebrating and promoting the visual arts community in its many forms. This curated event offers a range of activities primarily for adults. Saunter through this eclectic art maze to experience retails sales, live performances, and hands-on community art projects.

“I love this event. Always so lovely, especially being on Bernard Ave and in the evening. Always the best people and energy.”

Artisan review

Musician performing at sunset in Kelowna for Parks Alive!

Are you an artist?

We welcome artists from all art disciplines. Through a juried selection process, we seek to ensure a diverse reflection of the artistic excellence within our community. Acceptance into Arts on the Avenue is based on quality, originality, and craftsmanship.  


How can artists participate?

  • To be considered for Arts on the Avenue, please submit an application. 
  • There are a limited number of spaces available per category, so we encourage you to apply by the first deadline.
  • Additional applications will be considered if spots are still available after the first round of selections. 

What is the application process?

Artisans can apply 1 of 2 ways:

  • Fast Track Application – If you have been a vendor at a previous Arts on the Avenue OR have been approved in one of our partner groups’ shows, apply with the Fast Track Application.
  • Full Application – If you are a NEW applicant to Arts on the Avenue and have not previously been adjudicated by one of the partner shows, please complete the more detailed application which allows our panel of professional artists/crafters to adjudicate your work.

It will be up to our Selection Committee to make the final decision on who is accepted into Arts on the Avenue.

“My success in the community has a deep foundation in the support that was given to me by Parks Alive!  One week I was playing at a coffee shop downtown, I had spent money on promotion and production, got paid very little for my efforts, and two people showed up. When I played with Park Alive! the first time, the audience was great and I was paid fairly for my performance. The stark contrast between these two experiences paints a picture of the power that Parks Alive! has to connect a community with some of the fantastic talent in this city that might not otherwise get the exposure necessary to make it to the next level.”

Ryan Donn


Graham Ord at Valley First New York New Years

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